Meet Clime

The micro-sensor that automates your life.

Home Automation

Your smart home just got smarter

True Customization

You choose what's smart in your home


Track, monitor, and change temperature where it matters most. Applications: Greenhouses, Food Storage, Home Optimization


You know instantly when your sensor is on the move or has just been disturbed. Applications: Belonging Security, Home Security, Child Monitoring, House Chores


No more waiting around for things to dry or missing when plants need more water. Greenhouses, Tanks & Aquariums, Laundry, Home Optimization, Local Weather


Know the light exposure in any given area. Applications: Greenhouses, Health & Wellness, Local Weather

Join the Clime Revolution! How will you elevate your life?


Powerful Design

Clime has been engineered to fit discreetly and aesthetically where you need it most. The sleek body of the Clime sensor is packed with powerful technology and features such as a Bluetooth 4.0 chip and a replaceable battery that will last 1.5 years.

Advanced Integration

Integrate Clime sensors into the smart ecosystem within your home. Clime works to complement other technologies within your home to adjust temperature, humidity, and security.

Life Proof

The clime body is covered in foamed PVC protecting the sensor from outdoor elements and any natural wear and tear within your home.